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Sri Lanka claims rights to 30% of Hambantota projects

(UDHAYAM, COLOMBO) – Minister Sarath Amunugama says Sri Lanka claims the rights to 30% of the development projects initiated in Hambantota and surrounding areas.

The Minister speaking at a function in Hatharaliyadda yesterday (19th Sunday) said through the projects the Navy will increase operations adding a large income can be generated.

The Minister said a registered company will be established in Sri Lanka, the Hambantota Development Company.

He noted 70% of the shares will be held by a Chinese firm and 30% by Sri Lanka, adding Port Cargo, a Sri Lankan company, will undertake work in Hambantota.

He said it is futile if Harbours are constructed and if ships don’t dock further noting 90% of the ships that arrive in Hambantota are from China.

Minister Amunugama said when agreements with China are reached ships will arrive in Sri Lanka.

He said if the government signs a deal with India, Indian ships will dock at Colombo or Trincomalee adding Ships that dock at Colombo do not bring goods to Sri Lanka as they mostly ship to India.

The Minister stated when these ships arrive in Sri Lankan they deploy smaller boats to India from Colombo with the goods.

He reiterated if these ships don’t arrive the Colombo port might have to be closed.

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