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Nothing dampens Indian atrocities, not even Corona outbreak

utvnewsenglish- April 17, 2020

Kashmir has long been a flashpoint between Pakistan and India and this reality has been noticed time and again in the world capitals with concern ... Read More


utvnewsenglish- March 21, 2020

Abdallah Muath Quite recently, the world is facing a pandemic, Coronavirus. To be more specific COVID-19. A novel coronavirus that affected its first few in ... Read More

Why automation will be a threat to our future

utvnewsenglish- March 12, 2020

Abdallah Muath All economic systems are associated with the ‘Market Economy’. The Market Economy, to subvert the semantic confusion, is fundamentally predicated on three attributes; ... Read More

Why are Chinese fishermen finding so many ‘submarine spies’?

Staff Writer- January 16, 2020

(UTV|CHINA) - At first, it seems like a quirky, what-are-the-chances-of-that headline: "China rewards fishers who netted foreign spy devices." But behind that headline in Chinese state ... Read More

ACS Hameed: A symbol of communal harmony

Staff Writer- September 3, 2019

(UTv|COLOMBO) - My Uncle, late Foreign Minister Abdul Cader Shahul Hameed, who passed away on September 3, 1999, was much loved by members of all communities ... Read More