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Announcement on Hambantota port project soon – Ravi K.

(UDHAYAM, COLOMBO) – An announcement will be made by the Government shortly in connection with the Hambantota Harbour project. The Cabinet Sub Committee met Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday in this regard, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said. Addressing a press conference at his ministry office in Colombo yesterday (02nd Thursday) Minister Karunanayake said that although various parties present various ideas about Sri Lankan airlines, none of these are the views of the Government. Various parties express various opinions. Some who cannot even run a bus try to fly air buses, he said.

According to Minister Karunanayake although some accuse the Government for not developing the country, the Government has already implemented several development projects without any noise. The Government has commenced construction work of seven highways but the previous Government constructed only two or three highways. It also constructed a large number of schools, hospitals and rural roads.

Minister Karunanayake referring to an article published in a Sunday newspapers about Rosewood said what the Finance Ministry did was respond to a request made by the customs and made arrangements to obtain good bids for the Rosewood. Everything done by the Finance Ministry is transparent and always followed by an open dialogue.

Now the Government has passed the explosive situation of the economy which existed at the time the new government came into power. The volcanic situation is over now. The Government will correct the non-strategic assets and not always aim at revenue gaining. Sri Lanka’s economy will navigate safely through this troubled times. The previous Government obtained money but did not deliver. What we do is legalize things. It is easy to walk with thieves than stopping them. Even before the RTI Act was passed, the Finance Ministry was practicing it. The new US President is doing what is good for the US and we have to do what is good for our country. Otherwise we have to remain under pressure, he added.

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