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Traffic plan for 69th Independence Day celebrations – [Images]

(UDHAYAM, COLOMBO) – A special traffic plan has been announced for the 69th Independence Day celebrations held at Galle-face, Colombo tomorrow. Police said vehicular movement along Galle road will be restricted under several stages from tomorrow morning.

Accordingly, Galle Road from the Galle-face Roundabout to the Old Parliament Roundabout will be closed to the public from 5am to 12pm tomorrow. Meanwhile, Galle road from the St. Michael’s Roundabout in Colpitty to the Galle-face Roundabout will be closed from 7am till noon. The road which enters Galle road from the Rotunda Roundabout, the road leading from Ceramic Junction to the Old Parliament and the road from York Street to Bank of Ceylon Mawatha will be temporarily closed during this period.

The entrance to the CTO Junction from the Ceynor Junction opposite the Fort Railway Station and the entrance to Ceramic Junction from the Fort CTO Junction will also be closed from 7am to 12pm.

Another stage of the special traffic plan will be in operation from 8am till 12pm. accordingly, the road from the Gamini Roundabout to DR Wijewardene Mawatha and the road from the Slave Island Police Roundabout to the Regal Junction will be closed off. Issuing a statement, the Police Headquarters said the road will only be open to residents of the area.

The Police also announced several alternate routes which could be used during the 69th Independence Day celebrations.

Accordingly, Light vehicles and buses entering and leaving Colombo have been requested to use Galle Road, Bagatale Road, RA De Mel Mawatha, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Thunmulla Junction, Thurston Road, Nanda Motors Mawatha, Glass House Junction, Horton Place Roundabout, Soysa Roundabout, Deans Road and Technical Junction.

Furthermore, vehicles can enter Slave Island through the Pittala Junction after entering through the Colpitty Junction from 9am tomorrow.

Vehicles leaving Colombo can use Olcott Mawatha, Technical Junction, Maradana Bridge Junction, TB Jaya Mawatha, Ibbanwela Junction, Union Place, Lipton Roundabout, FR Senanayake Mawatha, Kannangara Mawatha, Nanda Motors Junction through Independence Square and leave from Reid Avenue, Thunmulla, Bauddhaloka Junction and RA de Mel Mawatha.

Police requested motorists to extend its support by using alternate routes in order to successfully carry out the special traffic plan.

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