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Rishi Sunak’s New Cabinet

(UTV |London) – London Rishi Sunak, who took over as the Prime Minister of England yesterday, has formed his cabinet.

Rishi Sunak has given space to those with alternative views in the cabinet as a proof of his commitment to unite the party and the country and restore economic stability and confidence.

In particular, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss have given a chance to those who were in the cabinet and have shaken the political scene

Rishi Sunak’s new cabinet details are as follows:-

* Dominic Raab has been appointed as Deputy Prime Minister.  He was a deputy prime minister in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.  * Jeremy Hunt takes over as finance minister.  He came to the post after Finance Minister Kwasi was sacked in Lis Truss cabinet.  * Suvella Braverman, an Indian-origin home minister in the Lis Truss cabinet, who resigned amid controversy after sending a highly important document to a fellow MP via her personal e-mail.  Rishisunak has reappointed him as Home Minister.

* Defense Minister Ben Wallace and Foreign Minister James Cleverley, who served in Liz Truss’ cabinet, continue in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet.  These are Boris Johnson supporters.  Rishi Sunak has shown that they are not left out either.

* Following the resignation of Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak has announced that Benny Morton, who ran against him in the Prime Ministerial race, will continue to serve as Speaker of the House of Commons.

* Mel Streide as Minister for Grand Shops, Works and Pensions, Gillian Keegan as Education Minister, Steve Barclay as Health Minister, Mark Harper as Transport Minister, Kemi Bedenoch as International Trade Minister, Michelle Donnellan as Culture Minister.

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office have commented that Rishi Sunak has given space to Boris Johnson and Lis Truss supporters in his cabinet.
“It brings together the best of the party,” they said.  Rishi Sunak’s re-instatement of the Home Ministership to Suvella Braverman, who was embroiled in controversy after sending an important document to a fellow MP through her own e-mail, has sparked controversy.  This has been criticized by the opposition Labor Party.  But this has been justified by Foreign Minister James Cleverley.

Commenting on this, he said, “Suvella Braverman has admitted her mistake.  “He has apologized for that,” he said.
He also mentioned that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak respects his experience as Home Minister.  But the Liberal Democrats are insisting on an inquiry into Suella Braverman’s re-appointment as Home Secretary.

The party’s spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said, “The Cabinet Office should conduct an investigation into the appointment of Suvella Braverman.  It has been said that Rishi Sunak promised him behind closed doors that he would be given the post.  Prime Minister Rishi Sunak held the first meeting of his cabinet yesterday.  According to reports, there was a discussion regarding the improvement of the country’s economy.

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