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Internationally acclaimed fuel-saving product ‘Eco Tablets’ to boost vehicles in Sri Lanka

(UTV | COLOMBO) – Ceylon Green Produce (Private) Limited’s Eco Tablets is a fuel-saving product created and produced by PT Bandung Eco Sinergy Technology (PT. BEST) Bandung, West Java.

Eco Racing is made from 100% organic ingredients and has passed laboratory tests certifying safety for vehicle and up to 50% fuel saving.

There are several types of fuel savers still contain Zn and Pb (Lead) which will actually damage the engine and cause scale on the gasoline filter, however Eco Racing is the only octane booster in the world that can eliminate CO gas pollution by up to 100% and Sulphur up to 99%.

Eco Tablets is an additive to fuel and has the character of increasing the octane of 5-10 RON gasoline or 2-5 CN diesel.

Increasing the octane value will improve combustion, causing excellent engine performance because excellent engine performance will extend the life of vehicle.


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