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Abortion laws must be changed – Bimal Rathnayake

(UDHAYAM, COLOMBO) – Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) MP Bimal Ratnayake says the abortion law in Sri Lanka should be changed.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday, MP Ratnayake said the laws should be changed for humanitarian reasons and social conditions.

MP Ratnayake said laws in Sri Lanka pertaining to abortions are outdated.

He said according to the present law, if a child is impregnated after being raped, if a child is diagnosed with a sickness or if woman is raped, they do not have any option other than to give birth.

MP Bimal Ratnayake said the whole country is under the belief that women have no choice in the matter.

MP Bimal Ratnayake firmly stated a woman’s body cannot be rented out according to the whims and fancies of others.

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