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Iran’s ballistic missile programme slammed

UTV | COLOMBO – A meeting of Arab ministers have condemned Iran’s continued development of its ballistic missile programme and the launching of Iranian-made rockets by Al Houthi militias targeting cities and villages of Saudi Arabia.

The Committee said that it is concerned with Iran’s lack of seriousness in committing to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and whether this agreement would stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in the future, particularly in light of its hostile policies in the region.

“Iran must comply with implementation of Security Council resolution 2231 with regard to its missile programme, and the world community needs to carry out an effective mechanism to verify Iran’s implementation of the resolution, inspection and monitoring,” the statement read.

The statement was issued at the conclusion of its meeting at the headquarters of the Arab League held on Wednesday, chaired by Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

The committee urged the world powers to re-impose sanctions quickly and effectively if Iran violates its obligations under this resolution.

The ministers also condemned Iranian interference in Arab internal affairs, denouncing at the same time provocative statements by Iranian officials against Arab countries.

The ministerial committee has expressed its deep concern over Iran’s efforts to incite sectarian violence in Arab countries, including its support and arming of terrorist militias in some Arab countries.

“Iran’s meddling has resulted in chaos and instability in the region, which threatens Arab national security and undermines regional and international efforts to resolve the issues and crises of the region through peaceful means,” the statement read.

The Arab Quartet Committee also has condemned Iran’s continuing support for acts of terrorism and sabotage in Arab countries, including the continued firing of ballistic missiles from Yemeni territories into Saudi Arabia which is a flagrant violation of Security Council Resolution 6216.

The ministers underscored the need to refrain from arming militias, reiterating its support for the measures taken by Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to combat these aggressive acts and protect its security and stability.

The committee condemned Iran’s ongoing interference in the affairs of Bahrain, and lauded its security services which have foiled a number of terrorist acts and plots. (Gulfnews)

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