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Corona deaths may increase in winter in America’

(UTV | Washington) – The United States has been the worst affected country by the coronavirus pandemic.

The impact of the Omicron virus, a mutated corona virus, is intense there.  Deaths especially due to Corona are continuously increasing.  Yesterday, President Joe Biden administered a booster dose of the updated corona vaccine to combat the Omicron virus infection.

After that he said, “This virus is constantly changing.  New variations have emerged in the United States and around the world.  Your old vaccine or your previous corona infection will not give you maximum protection.  Not enough people in the US have received a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The weather is getting colder.  People spend more time indoors.  So infectious viruses like corona can spread significantly easier.  Almost 400 people die of corona every day in the country.  That number is likely to rise this winter,” he warned

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