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New train schedule for Coastal Line from today

(UTV | COLOMBO) – The train schedule along the Coastal Line will be amended today.

General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways WADS Gunasinghe said the coastal railway track from Panadura to Colombo, Fort has dilapidated owing to 400 trains playing along the railway line daily.

Gunasinghe said new railway tracks must be laid promptly, adding that temporary speed limits have also been imposed along the railway line.

He noted that despite the economic difficulties the country is facing, the subject Minister has ensured that funds are allocated for the purchase of railway tracks, train engines, compartments, and other spare parts to ensure the railway line is restored promptly.

Gunasinghe also stated that the number of individuals travelling by train has doubled.

He said a train is halted at a train station for a minute, adding that due to the increase in commuters trains remain at stations for a longer period resulting in train delays.

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