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Kinniya ferry tragedy – Ferry owners flee the area

(UTV | COLOMBO) – The committee appointed by the Eastern Province Governoe to inquire into the incident where a ferry capsized and killed six people in the Kurinchakarni area in the Kinniya Lagoon in Trincomalee is set to convene today(24).

Meanwhile, the police stated that it has been reported that the persons who are believed to be the owners of the ferry have fled the area.

A senior Kinniya police spokesman told our news team that a special investigation has been launched to arrest them.

A senior police officer in charge of the Kirinchakarni area in Trincomalee said that an investigation is being carried out into the unrest that took place when a ferry capsized in the Kurinchakarni area in Trincomalee, killing six people including children.

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