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Rice mill owners announce retail prices

(UTV | COLOMBO) – With the removal of the maximum retail price of rice imposed by the government, large-scale paddy mill owners today (28) announced the prices at which rice will be sold in the market.

Accordingly, a kilogram of Nadu rice will be sold for 115 rupees, a kilogram of samba for 140 rupees, and a kilogram of keeri samba for 165 rupees.

Earlier the government had issued a Gazette Notification that a kilogram of raw rice should be sold at Rs. 95, a kilogram of Nadu at Rs. 98, a kilogram of Samba at Rs. 103 and a kilogram of Keeri Samba at a maximum retail price of Rs. 125.

However, the Cabinet of Ministers which met yesterday (27) decided to cancel the relevant Gazette Notification and to immediately import 100,000 metric tons of rice to prevent the increase in the price of rice.

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