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Biden gets COVID-19 booster shot as additional doses roll out

(UTV | WASHINGTON) – US President Joe Biden has received a Covid-19 vaccine booster.

After recivfing the jab he has claimed that Americans still resisting the shots are damaging the country.

Biden rolled up his left sleeve in the White House and got a third Pfizer dose in line with the recently approved health guidance, which allows boosters for those 65 or older.

Biden, 78, joked, “I know it doesn’t look like it, but I am over 65.”

Also eligible for boosters are adults with high-risk medical conditions and those in jobs where they are frequently exposed to the virus.

But the problem, Biden said, is that a significant chunk of Americans continue to refuse even one shot of the vaccine, fueling a deadly nationwide surge of the Delta variant.

Biden said 77 percent of Americans had got vaccines but this wasn’t enough, with still nearly a quarter refusing.

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